State of Mine

Unique jewelry that will never go out of style. These are high quality dimensionally accurate shapes, cast in a white metal alloy, polished, plated and enameled,.

With many Americans relocating across our great country there is a need to show one's roots, with our State of Mine Jewelry, you can have a sense of pride in showing everyone where you were born, or the number of States you have traveled or just show pride for the State you are currently calling home.

Great for vacation trips
Ideal for Government personnel
Great for college
Available in: Earrings, pins, pendants, and key rings




Listed below are our 50 States. Please click on the state of your choice to check on availability. Some states are in development and can be made available in a short amount of time.

Please email us to request the state of your choice for special color combinations.


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Always made in the USA!



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